Better customer and revenue insights.

Know your customers and how they affect revenue growth.
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Go from guessing to Knowing

See the numbers

We help businesses see their revenue and customer metrics in an easy-to-understand dashboard to help them answer all their revenue and customer questions.

Take action on the growth gaps

Improve metrics that are underperforming with customer management and engagement tools all within the Bunce app.

We are enabling growth for modern businesses

With customer insights and payment behavioral patterns to uncover opportunities for engagement in real-time.

Business Specific

Only work with insights that are relevant to your business type and are critical to your business needs.

Real-Time Syncing
and Update

24/7 live data and metrics update on your dashboard so you never miss a thing and take decisions based on realtime data.

Customizable Metrics

Business needs change, and so do your data needs. Adjust your metrics dashboard to suit your business needs per time.

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